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ROOTS: an interesting and exiting novel for Canadians with roots in Holland

ROOTS is written in Dutch by Frans Pieters under the pseudonym Peter Frantz. It’s an exciting novel in which an inheritance under conditions moves the main character of the book, Thomas van Rijckevorsel, to a search for his roots. An old love story, lies, deceit and false tracks force him to swing back and forth between the past and the present, ask himself profound questions and make his life an emotional rollercoaster.

ROOTS is of particular interest to Canadians with roots in The Netherlands and specially for members of The Dutch Network. The main reason for this is that the book is set partly in Canada and partly in ‘De Polders’ in Aardenburg (in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, part of the province of Zeeland), close to the border with Belgium.
Another main character in the book is David Quaak, a farmer’s son of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen who is sent by his father to Salford (Ontario). There David builds up a powerful agrarian empire in Brantford and after selling his company he eventually ends up in Toronto.
ROOTS describes the wanderings of Thomas and the answers to the burning question whether there is a relationship between him and David Quaak. A story that remains exciting until the last page. Intriguing clues eventually bring him to the place where his emotions calm and he finds the ultimate answer: where his ROOTS lie….
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Newsletter mei 2020 van The Dutch Network in Vancouver Canada